Saturday, January 1, 2011

Updating all my artwork since September 2010

"Rajah"  Prisma Colors 

Pilot - Prisma Colors

"Zeppo"  Prisma Colors

White crowned Sparrow -- water color and Prisma color

Virtual Paint-out - Manhattan

Yearling - Watercolors

Tamarack-- Beach Pen and Ink and watercolors

Sterling -- from the shelter --water colors

Virtual Paintout - San Miguel De Allende-- Prisma Colors

Junie -- from the Shelter --Prisma Colors

Junie, Happy in her New Home--Prisma Colors

Shelter kittens -Please adopt me.--Prisma Colors

Girl and cat - water colors

Horses -- Monsoon Dreams

Autumn Leaves --  Prisma Colors

Abe's Raccoon -- mostly prisma colors

"After the Rain" -- Prisma Colors