Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updating My Latest

The Phantome
This is actually not an ATC but postcard size. One day I will set up a blog with all my art works on and this will go there.

The Red Door, (courtesy of Ken of Stouffville)

Medallion, Green
Medallion Blue

Medallion, Harvest

Rainbow Ribbons


Art and Poetry said...

I like the Phantome ship! but I can't find the girl with the pearl earring? I love ships and the sea but I can't paint them it is odd. I seem to be able to paint people and pets best.

Gillian Mowbray said...

Fabulous manadalas - they always appeal to me and yours are so pretty. That ship is very clever - so hard to draw too - nice work. xx

Gillian Mowbray said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas.Hope to be blogging again soon.
Gillian. xxx