Saturday, September 25, 2010

September's Artwork

This is the photo on which I based the painting below.  Photo courtesy Monsoon Dreams

As usual I can see some changes I would like to make but overall I was pretty pleased with the way this came out. (Watercolor)

At the Leo Carrillo Ranch (Watercolor).

The hawk below is the original,  I wasn't happy with the way the wing turned out and the tail was a little too wide, so I gave him a shadow and changed the wing and tail (Watercolor) 

Plate of Figs (Prisma Colored Pencils)

Jewelry.  The ring is opal.  I could have made the colors a little more intense, but I wanted to be sure it looked like opal. (Prisma Color Pencils)

Black and white cat. Background and wall need more depth of color.
(Prisma Color Pencils.)

View from Manhattan for Virtual Paintout.  Think that may be the UN building center back

I is for ....Illuminated letter,  for ABC Wednesday.
 (Pen and ink 3 X 3 inches)


Autumn Leaves said...

Wow Chris! Beautiful! That portrait is exquisite!

monsoon dreams said...

wowwwwww!!!!beautiful,dear!!Each one of them.But y'know,i I have a lil extra love for the first pic!and y'know why ;-)
i'm honoured.
With gratitude,

sandy said...

great job and that ring and earrings were mine! You did wonderful on them. And the girl - nice job!