Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January's Art Work, 2010

I usually post my paintings as I do them, on my MAIN BLOG (click) then post them a month at a time on this blog.

 The Old Mill at Bempton


 The next five are rapid sketches with pen and ink and a wash of water color. (ATC size)   My first attempt at  using only pen, which means no erasing! Not very good, but good practice I suppose.
A tree drawn from imagination.

               An empty gift bag.                         Two robins taken from a china cup.

     Our 'entertainment' Center                        A cat  (in case you hadn't noticed!).

  Full size watercolor "Waiting for the Fishing Boat"

  "Greensleeves"  a design from my china teacup ATC


Full size painting from a photograph (my colors, though) taken in Canada

Horses, a practice watercolor painting taken from a note card.


sandy said...

These are all so nice Chris. I need to get inspired again.

Autumn Leaves said...

These are gorgeous pieces. I especially love the boat/water paintings. There is just something so historical about them (a big word but one that encompasses all the nuances of what I am trying to say).

Morning's Minion said...

Our dear Pebbles is in good company here--an artist's model.