Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Bus Stop  -- Czech Republic

Vicki's Lamp

The Shepherdess

Two Trees

Clay Pots --Leo Carrillo's Ranch


San Francisco -- Virtual Paintout


Butterfly Heart

Still Life

Red Delicious

The Rooster

Canary Islands -- Virtual Paintout


Autumn Leaves said...

I love being able to see all these pieces like this, Chris. I so love them all and it would be so hard to pick a favorite. I think The Shepherdess may just take the cake for me this time. But all of them are so very wonderful!! Well done!

Benikos place said...

Wonderful :)

Jack and Joann said...

Very nice art work. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today. I want to know more about how you do these art works. Are these colored sketches or paintings of some sort?

Charlene Brown said...

Your style is delightful, especially your series of Virtual Paintout interpretations -- I love finding locations and painting them on that blog too!

padmaja said...

I like the way you use lines and colors with a balanced approach to make your work multi dimensional.. the rooster and Vickie's lamp.. Loved them most.. done with precision!